Strats Secret Robot Santa Swag Thread 2018


I know at least one swag is in the mail at this point, so it’s time to get the thread up. We all eagerly await photos/screenshots and tons of holiday cheer.

Show us what you got!

Strats Secret Robot Santa Exchange 2018

I’ve been sick this week but I will get a picture up soon!

Thank you so much to my secret santa! <3


Dear Strats Secret Robot Santa:
Thank you! Please view the reaction four videos in this post!

Santa sent me a mug from my favorite faction, even though they’re an ally~♡

They also sent me skull tea infusers I can use with my favorite loose leaf teas!

And I got a puppy. Please love the puppy: me loving on the gud boi here


Me coming downstairs and finding a package at the door

I fucking love Secret Robot Santa. Of course I had to go be responsible for a while today, but I ripped into it as soon as I got back home; behold its glory!

What’s in the box?!

I don’t know yet, but I want to so bad.

Pride and what?!

Best guess: cheap labor.


I guess that’s probably a more PC answer; I like my guess better.


My Secret Robot Santa hooked me up with some bitchin’ Sealed Air (a 3-piece, three 2-pieces, and a 1-piece). That’s that shit I like; thanks Secret Robot Santa!

The note

Right in the feels, man; right in the feels. Some Secret Robot Santas choose to reveal their identity, and others do not (either is fine, really). Only after reading this (honestly) touching note did I realize I’d missed some stuff in the box. Thankfully I hadn’t tossed it out yet or that would have been awkward.

The rest of the swag

My Secret Robot Santa really hooked it up for me. Included with the aforementioned Sealed Air was a Roadhog and Zenyatta figure (my two favorite heroes), an Overwatch World Cup hat, and a handmade metal hook to hang it on. I’m in the process of deciding where the hook is going and tidying/rearranging my current desk figures to include my new ones (I didn’t have any Overwatch ones, so they’re perfect for the collection). Once I’ve sorted all that out I’ll post an update.

Thanks again, Secret Robot Santa (AKA @Wayward), and merry Christmas.






Holy shit the Halloween skin Zenyatta is :fire:


Arguably the best skin in the whole game.


Haven’t been able to snag a pic yet but I have played Super Smash Bros non stop on switch.



So… my Secret Santa scoured my Steam wishlist (after pointing out that I was shy & didn’t want to share it publicly… mah bad) and hooked me up with:

Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition

The Escapists II


Ain’t spending no time with the inlaws this holiday season - too busy playing games! Thank you so much Santa!

If any of you think to share that little detail with the fam jam, remember that snitches get stitches.


It makes me sad that being a Canadian means I’ll never have a Santa hook me up with sealed air. Always the best gift. :cry:


You’re gonna have to add me so we can play after Christmas.


Sorry I missed out on Robot Secret Santa this year! I saw the post a few days after the closing deadline. Glad you guys got some awesome things; it’s always really cool to see how generous you all are. Have a great holiday!


Yes Please! Is there a switch friend code mega thread?


My Robot Santa knows my heart.
I got this awesome shirt!!!

The problem is that now that I have seen this, I need one. I have been in need of an anvil upgrade for a while, and this thing is SWEET!

PS. Dear Santa, I had my suspicions it was you the whole time.


I’v been scouring local second-hand boards lately hoping I can find a good vice/anvil combo for cheap, but haven’t hit the jackpot yet.


Leave it to me to miss a gift from my Secret Santa! He/She also got me…

Death Road to Canada

^^^ best :canada: gift ever!


Not entirely mega… but we do have this thread. I’m really hoping that Santa brings me Smash.


I know this is late! Very sorry, I was on vacation away from my desk.

Holy shit though. Totally worth the wait! I can’t even believe it. So much amazing stuff. And look and these custom framed drawings!!!

Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!


That artwork is DOPE!