Strats Secret Santa Swag Thread 2016


We’re all waiting for photo dumps, screenshots, or just general jubilation as everyone’s gifts start showing up, so show your shit off in this thread :wink:


Strats Secret Robot Santa Exchange 2016
Strats Secret Robot Santa Exchange 2016

Big thanks to @Vocino for getting me a game of my wishlist!

Can’t do an unboxing, but here is proof of my claim.

Merry Stratsmas everyone!



Big thanks to @Wheatception!
Can’t wait to try them out!



A HUGE thank you to my wonderful secret santa, @senNish!

I got the motherload, y’all! And can we talk about how he knows me too well?

First up:
(We did the unboxing over google hangouts!)

Leviathan Wakes! Sennish has been raving about this book. Can’t wait to read it!

Matching Eevee mug!

These amazing purple pens! My favorite color!


And there’s one more thing…

Concept art from The Last of Us! I am so stoked!

What wonderful and thoughtful gifts!



Oh snap, that’s some good gift giving right there.



#What’s in the box?!

#All this swag!

It was like a loot crate, but the theme was shit I’m into and the shirt wasn’t cheap-feeling :wink:

As an added bonus, that Princess Luna was in one of those random figurine boxes, and she’s a tough character to get any desk-sized figures for, so that was super-lucky (she’s hanging out with Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts now). There was another something in the box (1 year subscription card for some antivirus), but I don’t know if it was supposed to be? If so, I’ll be using it whenever my current stuff runs out.

Thanks Secret Robot Santa!



#Thank you @lyteforce, my SRS this year!!

I was gifted two titles off of my wish list. Metal Slug, a shoot em up platformer and Metal Gear Rising. I’m a huge fan of the Metal Gear Series and am currently trying to get all of their titles running on my PC. All that’s left is 4 & 5.



Trying to one up US?

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Acting like you didn’t copy mine. Lol.



Thank you secret Santa, this is exactly what I wanted, both of them, freakin awesome!



FYI, I received a notification from Ship Happens that I have a package at HQ. It will need to be forwarded to London. Haven’t forgotten to post and much appreciated whatever it is! :sunny:

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I got this awesome handmade beanie from the one and only @W1thl0v3 yesterday. It is sporting the Strats colors and everything. Thank you so much! Now I just have to keep it away from my daughter.

P.S. This is my selfie face in case anyone was wondering. I took the picture 5 times and this was the best I could come up with. It would have been better to just take a picture of the hat by itself. :slight_smile:



It makes you look younger. I expect you to be playing hacky sack in front of the Liberal Arts building.

Was I the only one who experienced this at college?



Happy now?

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So I’m a little late in sharing the swag Santa @Ausylon sent my way, but it’s the post that counts, eh?

Picking a few titles off my wishlist to avoid upsetting the CBSA, my Santa hooked me up with:

Don’t Starve Together

With Klei Entertainment being a local outfit, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was partial to their work. And while I wasn’t never good at Don’t Starve, I poured a fair number of hours into the title & enjoyed most of it.

8-bit Armies

You can’t begin to imagine how much time I invested into Dune II. Whether it was farming every drop of spice, or reaching the unit limit before finishing the game, I loved that RTS. Fast-foward today and I’m going to get to enjoy that type of game once again, but this time with voxels!

Dig or Die

This one I don’t know too much about, except that a former coworker of mine swears by it. So I suppose I’ll dig or die.



I get a promotion next year so I promise I’ll participate then!

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i got STRATS presents!!!

they told me to keep it under my pants :frowning:

EDIT:: FUCK EM i will post pictures at least!!!



Sorry for the delay, I finally managed to get this forwarded to London!

Thank you!!!