Strats services for new server structure


Yo kids, I’m working on a new server structure where I can Docker-ize everything and put an Nginx reverse proxy in front of all the containers.

Can you think of any other services that should be included?

So far I have these services (also I’m using this for notes on ports etc):

  • Home site (simple install but just for easy CMS)

    • www and * (apex)
    • 8001:80
  • Forum

    • forum
    • 8002:80
  • Chat Matrix synapse (with bridge to Discord and maybe Slack? or IRC?)

    • comms
    • 8003:80


A bit hard without knowing what services you’re running in the background that we might not know about.

Are you gonna be running plaino docker or are you gonna drop K8s on there?

port 80


By apex do you mean Oracle APEX? Haven’t even heard of that before, got some reading for tonight, then!



80 and 442 for SSL.

By apex I just mean the root level naked url of “



Based on feedback from discord let me rephrase:

Home page, forum, chat: anything else I should consider?



Don’t forget to move your executable and relevant framework before turning the old servers off; Ruby does not want to have to recompile you.

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You need to containerize him first. The good news is that if he starts having issues all you gotta do is kill him and spin up a new one in a few seconds.

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I will never be contain…erized!



@Vocino is this the new Discord best practice? #latetotheparty



Yeah it’s the best practice for putting multiple services on the same machine with Docker.



Sweet. Well let me know if/how I can help.

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