Strats Sherpa Service (12/9/2014)

What is this?

First of all, if you don’t know who or what Strats is, read this post. Our goal for this Sherpa service is to help people that can’t find fireteams to get into a group and complete hard content that doesn’t have matchmaking. Getting to this content every Tuesday on it’s launch will get you XP buffs and set you up for the week.

How it works

You can either sign up as a Sherpa or a Climber. Each Tuesday we will take people through the Nightfall or Weekly Heroic. We in the Strats Destiny clan are serving as your initial pool of sherpas but we encourage those of you coming from outside to help out others if you can.

If you’re interested in joining the Strats Destiny clan and raiding with us more often, take a look at this post.

All We Ask

All of our services are completely free of charge. Our clan only asks one thing from the people that we help out. Let us know what you got. We want to see your strange coins, legendary gear, and especially exotics. Help us see how we are helping by giving us a glimpse of your sweet loot. Please post your rewards in the Sherpa Rewards Thread.

Also please link/share/retweet/whatever these posts to get the word out:

How to sign up

Simply reply to this thread with some information.

- Sherpa/Climber
- PSN/XB name
- Times on Tuesday you're available
- Timezone

We will make a new thread and ping your name for specific groups that are going out into the Destiny wilderness.

Where You Can Find Us(Up Vote PLEASE)

To ensure that we can help as many people as possible please head over and give us some love to keep us visible. The post is HERE, please help us help you. :wink:

We also post on the Bungie forums. Head over and give us a bump.

Weekly reddit post is up here. Please check it out.

I’d be interested in taking a crack at something, though from the sounds of it they’ve increased the difficulty level for nightfall/weekly/raid - not sure if my 27 Titan or 28 Warlock will be up to the challenge!

They have increased the difficulty, but we got your back :wink:

Sorry to move your post, but we are trying to make a new one to make it easier for new users. Thanks for joining!

No problem. Specifics for your ghost:

-rrfellis (PS4)
-8:00-ish until 10:30-ish
-Central time zone
-27 Titan and 28 Warlock ready to serve, no exotic weapons though, and only a few legendaries. Feel like I can hold my own though.

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Climber, Fyrefly21, Still a 28 Hunter… Anyone up for raiding/heroic/nightfall on Thursday? Or even late Wednesday night? I’m off PS4 until after my last final. Should be home from that around 2200 CST Wednesday.

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binny56 (Ps4)
8:00pm to 11:PM
Eastern standard time

Please message if you have went already.

Due to the difficulty of the Nightfall we can only take level twenty nines and up through.

xb1 - lvl29 warlock
gt is normanholsworth
on usually 6-10 pm Australian eastern timezone

I might be able to help out Norman. I’ll be level 29 soon. GT is Tourmalet.

8pm CST Tuesdays

Joining up for next Tuesday? I like the planning.

Yes, though 8pm CST is like 9pm EST, is my only stumble. I can’t get on any earlier that day. My lock is 29, might be 30 by then. I’ll be on a lot tonight and tomorrow.

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Cool. Check out the name swap if your interested in joining, we have a ton of members and someone is always online to play with.

  • Climber
  • PSN: mlai364 (PS4)
  • 10pm EST (I don’t have a fixed schedule but usually around that time)
  • +7 GMT (Bangkok)
  • 28 Warlock and 27 Titan, exotics ( weapons: [unmaxed old: Suros, Monte Carlo, The Last Word] [new unmaxed: Gjallarhorn] )

Dang, when did the weekly strike get so tough? I used to solo this at level 28/30. Now I’m failing to complete it solo. Maybe I’m rusty, but me thinks the difficulty has gone up dramatically.