Strats Shirt Part Deux: Strats and Crew IRL!

Live out your wildest gaming fantasies with this stylish new Strats and Crew logo tee!

Grab it:

Now you can get hyped up all day at work while you pretend to embody the bad assery that your in-game persona has. Then you get home and wear the same thing as your character on your stream. What will people think? They won’t know which is which!

Who’s with me?!


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I want this shirt so bad! I wish it would arrive before the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas…

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I want it bad too! I think we will hit the goal quickly after the GTA launch.


I think they will be able to tell because I punch a few less hookers in real life…


Casual! :wink:


I would like to recruit you to my cause…

Does it involve punching hookers?

You can punch them, before and after we kill them :wink:

Do we have lady’s cut on this one too or just unisex? I’m only seeing the one but thought I’d ask before I bought :wink:

and can we PLEASE insert begging and groveling here try to find a shirt or a place that makes larger sizes? I know at they have up to 5xl shirts you can pick! just a thought from someone who REALLY wants one or 4 of these bad boys.

Just ordered mine, Now i need to find a bad-ass gangsta hat to match :smile:
Strats GTA V Crew will Dominate!!!


I think the reason @Vocino is using the site he’s using is because there’s no up-front cost. We don’t have to put money down and they don’t make them unless it hits the predetermined goal set. As we don’t have a budget per se, this is the current optimal solution to providing folks the opportunity to buy swag without taking a risk with funds we don’t have. I’m not aware of any other sites working around this model at the moment, but if you find one I can’t imagine a reason we wouldn’t try it out. A cursory glance through custom ink leads me to believe we can’t use in this manner.

As a patch-fix in the interim: while the excess money wouldn’t come back into Strats, what if we could provide you the graphics and you can get the shirt made yourself?


This is right. If I knew we could sell a decent number of shirts I would have them printed locally and ship them out. That would be cheaper per shirt but requires much higher quantities.

However, even then, getting a XXXXXL is probably going to be difficult. I’m assuming that’s always going to fall under a special order status. :shirt:

There are only six days left on this shirt! I really want this to get funded, so make sure you check it out!!


Three days left to get the Strats and Crew shirt! Don’t miss out guys, it’s a great way to show your Strats love!

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Make it the best Thanksgiving ever!!!