Strats Shirts Activate


Continuing the discussion from NEW Strats Shirts Are Here (for a limited time):

For those of you who’ve been around Strats for some time now, you’re likely already rocking a solid :strats_green: tee or a :beard: shirt. Or maybe you’re rollin’ in style with a :sistas: tank! And if you’re new like me (all things are relative), you’re just wearing the scrub shirts you already have.

Anywho, as Teespring makes it possible to restart a shirt run if the demand is there, I propose that anyone who needs some new threads (because you don’t have any Strats wear or simply feel it’s time to replace the “air conditioned” shirt you already have) help me make that magic happen over at the Strats Merch store.

As it stands, there are a number of previous styles with different shirts at different stages of the “re-order” process. Furthermore, there’s also a variety of costs involved to reboot a shirt (some are trending over $30 - ouch). Based on this, the shirt that I think might have the greatest reach is the Strats Logo Tee (Dark) (colour choices of black, red, purple or blue):

To have this shirt head to the print shop, we need 9 more to be “reserved.” Any takers? You’re obviously free to choose an alternative, though we’d have more success if we consolidated our efforts to make the order happen.


With it!


Reserved mine :slight_smile: