Strats Sistas! (shirts please?)


So we came together and managed to get ourselves a tommy beard shirt (huzzah I cannot wait for mine!)
But where, oh where, I ask, is our Strats sistas merch? I think we ladies deserve some love and, I might add, what a great way to show that Strats is totally gamer-girl friendly?


All thoughts and ideas are encompassed in the :beard:. What more could you need?


I’ll see what I can do. I need to figure out a decent logo.


A quick search:

Or this one:

Or this, adding some gamepads or guns or something in their hands:

Finally, this one, changing “sole” to “Strats”:


I know @Laoria, @simplyundrea, and @W1thl0v3, as well a the other Strats sistas will be pretty excited about this! As a matter of fact I am excited for them! :smiley:


-peeks head in, sings- STRATS SISTAS~ I’m ALL the way here for some shirts!


Adding in my vote!


I was actually hoping one of the creative artist peoples we have here at strats could design something xD
My first thought was just the strats S normal and mirrored but that seemed maybe a little too tame?


I can sketch something up if there is interest! :slight_smile:


Doooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeet!


UPDATE: I have something cookin’


yay! so excited :3