Strats Social Promotion Requests


Got something you want to promote on the Strats social profiles? Post here with the time and date you want it posted and we’ll get it scheduled.

Streaming DA:I
How's the new expansion?

Moved this to the Multimedia category since people will likely use it for stream promotion.


Hey brother if you want, go ahead and promote I’ll be streaming Destiny at 4 pm tomorrow will try and get a VOG run going while streaming, and Dragon Age at 10 pm


Could you link the Christmas Throwback post on the FB with the opening pic for me please?


It took a little doing…FB just did not want to use your opening pic. It is there now. Good post btw.


Thank you much!


Bumping this, don’t forget to ping me if you want something posted that I might miss.


I’m going to be giving out the Heroes Of the Storm beta keys that @ghosthog gifted me all this weekend.

So sending out promo anytime on Thursday would be awesome! :smile:


Give me a date and time if possible (or 1 for each day?). I’ll link to your stream.


I’m giving out two on Friday soooo … one at 10AM for my first daily stream + 1PM for the second.

On Saturday I’m giving out a code for my late night regulars so a reminder can go out at 8PM.

And for Sunday… a promo post at 12PM would be perfect!


Ok, those are set up.


Hey, Travis! (@vocino)

Can you cancel the alerts that you set up for Friday?

UGH. I’m having problems with my PS4 copy of Far Cry 4. Just found out that it glitched out + none of my storyline missions are popping up. I won’t be able to play it today. -sighs-

Hopefully my next PS4 title gets here today so I can broadcast that to make up for lost stream time.


I think I can. I’m mobile. If not, no worries.