Strats Star Citizen Organization [OOPS]


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Is this a bad thing?


I was going to do it last night because i bought a ship but got told NO DONT DO IT…i hope that helps :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I just wanted to reserve the name and get something started. i can hand leadership over to Vocino when he joins.


I figured that we would give @GuardianX a little bit of time to respond…


We have given him over a month to respond to the ESO guild problem. That’s plenty of time in my opinion. Plus now we have the strats url and not stratsco


??? I must be missing something…


Are you confusing him with @Xerosum?


Yes I am my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

As you were


Well the good thing is we have both reserved now. So options…


I updated the link to @GuardianX so we should be okay now. Sorry didn’t see the post about not creating one.