Strats streaming assets by Wheatums


Awesome dude okay so im not sure of the font being used in the current overlay

You can pick that one out whatever makes it look nice and crisp to you.

as for the webcam overlay it looks like youll have to make it a separate thing all together. I would still like the little gohan sprite at the bottom of the webcam and yes I stream at 720p.


I would just put it in the middle of the left side of the screen would be perfect


I meant right side of the screen whoops but left or right works for me :smiley:


Hey man just checking in


No worries, my first tests were this week. I’m off by 11:50 tomorrow so I’ll be able to sit back down and detach that camera cradle and everything else.

Also, do you want the top right to say GohanTheSaiyan or ForbidGohon


Just GohanTheSaiyan and thank you again man <3


I’m sorry this took me so long. I hope it works out for you.

Just a preview, go to Imgur for full res images.


Dude thank you so much, this looks awesome i love it


No worries man, if you need anything else let me know.


I love seeing all this stuff get made by strategists for strategists :smile:


One team, One Fight!


What you have to do to get some of those awesome overlays? =)


Read this first then just post an intro, and be generally active in the forums. Pop into Mumble or Discord and say hi to our regulars. A good sub-forum if you are interested in streaming would be our own streaming category.

  • In other words, bump up that trust level and I’ll do my best to set up whatever graphics that you might need.


At what trusted level do i have to be for you to make me a overlay? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just Member for my work, most other things will require Regular status though. For example, you will need Regular status to access the Lounge in the forums and to gain elevated privileges in Mumble.

Also, there are much better artist than my self around the forums that will work for moneys, if you absolutely need something done before you work up that trust level. @W1thl0v3 comes to mind, she is busy a lot of the time but I’m sure she would take a new commission if you were to ask her. She is a professional artist, so if you do approach her, do so professionally.


Alright, i dont require any professionals, i really lke the one you have make anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @Wheatception Thinking of doing any Overwatch related graphics??


Sure, just now in fact. What’d you have in mind?


Something with Pharah, maybe on her Mechaqueen skin?


Hey @Wheatception - how are you creating that fractal-type (did I get that right? I’m guessing) image? Brush? Texture? Instead of begging for you to build something for me, I want to try my darnedest to create my own. :wink: