Strats Streaming Voice Chat


I would like to hear feedback of this idea from the community. I was thinking it would be nice if there was a voice channel made for streamers and those who want to be part of the stream itself. even if it was just a temporary channel during the time they were streaming.


Just for note: there’s no way to do temporary channels in Discord the way we could in Mumble, presently, so this would be to add a permanent voice channel or two that were specifically identified as channels people are streaming in.


wondering about the temp channel as well. I know our bot doesn’t have the ability to make temp channels but I want to research the utility.

was the only bot i could find but if we could add this function it would be amazing.

Temp voice channels (Mumble style)

Sounds like another feature request; I would vote the shit out of it.

Temp voice channels (Mumble style)

I didn’t vote for this only because I think the temp chat system solves for the problem.


I concur; closing this thread.