Strats stuff I would buy

I want this! :slight_smile:

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Is there any way you could be convinced to make the Strats S symbol/logo into a patch so I can attach it to all the things? Various sizes as well. Because, I mean, who doesn’t want a Strats bag, or Strats polo, or Strats on the ass (pants pocket)?

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We really need to find if they have a different shirt that comes in larger sizes…us larger gentlemen are missing out on all the cool shizz …we want in on it too!!!

Sorry for that, didn’t know there was a thread like that V_V

Edit: Or I didn’t see it rather.

There wasn’t, I moved it to a new thread where it would be on topic.

I’m kind of bummed this probably wont get to me before the PlayStation Experience in a few weeks. I would totally wear it then.

I love the new shirt. Was so jealous seeing Vocino in the 1k shirt… It may have gotten away from me but this one didn’t.


Just when i needed a new backpack.

I was wondering if we should pin the first topic to the top so that all users can see it. I want the printing to go through, but I don’t want it to be annoying.

You mean the shirt topic? Yeah. Also worth noting that I moved the bag post here because it wasn’t about that shirt. Other comments are welcome and bumping is welcome in the shirt thread.

ok cool, now we just gotta talk up the shirt a bit on the other topic!


Also little charms so that I can make jewelry or they can be hung from zippers!

Strats Beanie for people who live in colder climates?

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