Strats Team Running the Dz (PS4)


Our uniform was the blue jacket!

“Side straddle hop. Start position, move. Exercise!”

Photos courtesy of SeoulCrusher


These are before the 7 of us grouped up. Courtesy of Wizzle


“King of the poop” gets best username of the day award


All hail the king of poop!


You guys are rocking it!! this is awesome to see guys…i am glad you all got together and ran the DMZ like a BAUS!!! :smile:


nice photos guys! how hard is it to get > 4 on the same instance?


It depends. It wasn’t hard that time but it depends on the amount of people on the server. We went rogue on accident and there were 2 randoms right by us that didn’t even think about firing a shot. They knew by the matching blue jackets that we weren’t fucking around.


:joy: thats awesome


Ah man now I’m like “why didn’t we do that on pc?!”


That looks killer. Nice job guys :heart:


The DZ is crazy now. Had 8 rogues in 1 area and killed 4 of them. Going solo is so tense love this game. All hail King Poop


ahh yes we were Rogue exterminators , even when we turned rogue lol


These are awesome!


Seems like everyone had a great time! I’m pumped for release to get in on this DZ action