Strats' Tips and Tricks for Warframe

Current as of update 28.3.0

With the next big update right around the corner and a handful of Strategists taking the plunge into the game for the first time, @SenorCatPoop and I decided it’s about time we put our combined 1500+ hours of accumulated knowledge into one location. As I have time (read: am not actively playing games), I’ll continue to update and format the following link dump (including adding commentary and original content), and possibly even breaking out some of the information into more-expanded guides. If you have any questions Warframe-related that is or isn’t addressed in these links, feel free to drop a comment here or ping one of us on Discord.


Warframe Quest Guide

Theorycrafting and Build Resources:

Riven Mods

Void Relic Farming Locations

  • Lith: Solo/Void/Hepit (aim for 75s or less)
  • Meso: Public/Mars/Olympus (at least wave 4, as many past 4 as you can go)
  • Neo: Public/Neptune/Laomedeia (at least wave 4, as many past 4 as you can go)
  • Axi: Public/Lua/Apollo (at least wave 4, as many past 4 as you can go)

Ability Efficiency

  • Ability Efficiency is capped at 175%, and while it’s often unnecessary, it can be obtained with:
  • Primed Continuity can be used to offset the Ability Duration penalty from Fleeting Expertise
  • Because both Steamline and Fleeting Expertise can be used in situations where you have <100% Ability Efficiency due to penalties from cards like Blind Rage, it’s recommended to have 2 copies of each: one at rank 4 and another at max rank.