Strats Update - Week 11


Hello friends,

It’s been a long week. We had a few hiccups which I will cover below but for the most part we are charging forward.


As some of you are aware, there’s currently a bug that has to do with a combination of open-source software we’re using with our Amazon S3 CDN to serve avatar images. I know it’s frustrating and I understand that it sucks.

While we’re working on clearing this up, we aren’t going to spend too much time if it requires significant rewrites of the forum. Our goal is to get to feature-parity with the forum (as far as the features we actually want) as soon as possible but as stand-alone software 100% O&O (that’s owned & operated).

Dedicating what limited time we have on fixing bugs in other people’s open source projects is time we aren’t spending on our own product design and development.

So that’s where we are with that. Until/if/when we have a solution for the avatar system, I recommend you use Gravatar since that currently works.

Auth Edit: @MrSavage posted a tutorial on how to use Gravatar for those interested :wink:

New Profiles

We’re working on some bad ass new profiles for Strats. This is the first step toward our new platform and it’s a critical one. I’m hoping we’ll be launching these before April and it looks like that’s realistic from where I’m sitting.

Here’s a teaser of the header as it stands now:

You’ll be able to customize the accent color, background, and of course your avatar.

These profiles will initially be tied to forum content but that’s just the beginning. As we build out more features on Strats, your profile on will become more and more robust. I want to build something I would share and a place where I—as a gamer, writer, and streamer—want to direct people.

I won’t bore you too much with the details because talk is cheap. We need to start delivering code and that’s happening now.




Weekly Leadership Meetings and You [Redacted]

Love the teaser! Can’t wait till it’s public!


Oh my god! It looks awesome, I seriously cannot wait to grab a profile. Going to be epic, I can’t wait to have a little corner where I can possibly put all my highlights and such!


OMG! The teaser for the new profile looks ahhhhhmazing! I can’t wait.

(Love how the social networks are greyed out to the right. Everything looks so sleek! Such clean design.)


Very slick @Vocino . Your hard work is appreciated as is your bangin’ taste in hip hop duos.


looks great! can’t wait to see this implemented.


Looks like a solid update :o


Leadership meeting audio added to OP for those interested :wink:


Thank you Auth. It didn’t dawn on me until this morning that there was a meeting.


taht teaser header looking real good. giood job


Thanks for the mention there guys! I try and stick to my schedule as much as possible!

However I will admit, sometimes I end up starting a little late because my body hates me and I pass out because I only get like 4 hours a night of sleep since my work/stream/irl life is hard to juggle at times.

You just have to have that dedication though! Hard work pays off!

Edit: Just a comment on the topic of Streaming Schedules. I totally agree with the idea that you need to stream for an extended period of time. However, don’t let anything hold you back if you can only stream for a few hours. Sure you won’t get the traffic as fast, but as long as you have a quality stream, and you’re fun to be around, people will show up. I have several regulars in my stream and a little over 200 followers and I’m only able to stream for about 3 hours a night. Just do it for fun, don’t expect to grow super fast, figure out what you want in your stream, set reasonable goals, and you’ll do great :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Hey @tommy2118 not sure if you’ve seen this for the podcast type thing, but there’s also ZoomCall that I know alot of people use.