Strats Update - Week 12


Strats Update - Week 12

What’s up friends?

Week 11 went fast. Here we are in week 12 and it feels like it’s going strong already. This is a short update.


We’ve set up a staging server for the new Strats platform. There we will be introducing new features and pushing commits for somewhat more public consumption. We will likely start to roll out some beta invites to test new profiles at some point. The data on staging will be wiped so it will be purely for testing.

Great Support

I’ve noticed a huge uptick in people taking initiative and bringing content to the Strats community. You guys have been posting amazing guides, tutorials, hosting events, and all kinds of awesome stuff. I just wanted to give a quick props to that. Great stuff!



Shout out to our moderators @auth and @tommy2118


:musical_note: Trade off Sleep for new security :musical_note:

That hit me funny. Thanks for the update @Vocino!

This community just keeps getting better.


Pulling from the Leadership Meeting audio … I really like the idea of doing like a Tag Team Strats 24 hour stream where we switch off between different people and everyone takes a chunk of time during the whole day.

I say this only because I can’t pull off a 24 hour stream yet. I’ve done close to 6 hours at a time, working up to the longer streams. But there are more than enough #TeamStrats members here who can stream for two hours at a time or more.

Just tossing that out there!

(And yes, I totally agree with the statement about @Vocino. You ARE the face of Strats. Haha. :smile: )

PS: I know Blink (@blinkbrac) personally + he does Destiny raids often on his channel with his friends-list. I KNOW he’d be down to get together with a bunch of Strats people to get some looting/grinding done. Destiny is like, his favorite game right now! He loves it.


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