Strats Update - Week 15


Hello Friends,

Some of you may notice some additional advertising on Strats. To be honest, I’ve decided that this thing needs to make some real money.

Lucky for us, we’ve managed to partner with a few casino and porn sites who have agreed to put animated banners on the site for a decent fee. I understand some of you may not be 100% on board with the types of advertising we’re getting but this is for the good of the community. Since we’re generally a bit more mature than other gaming sites, it give us an opportunity to target demographics that these companies can’t generally go after.

I’m hoping to close more of these deals in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact our banner sales team at



EDIT: April Fools, of course.

What's going on here?
April Fools Megathread

Good, Good. Let the Sellout flow through you.


How come I haven’t seen the porn site ads yet?! BTW, do you need someone to review the sites to see how legit they are?


@ghosthog is right. We need reviews to let our loyal Strats members know that clicking the link is safe and relevant to their interests.

Dibs on sampling the enlargement products pls! :sadgumball:


I need multiple likes plaz.

I can attest that they work perfectly.


damn @vocino. i was really gonna get my baccarat on today, but the link isn’t working properly! i was even gonna stream it!


Oh baby. No more laughing at this guy.


Ummm. . . In reference to the “Animated” banners for porn sites . . .

I often like to browse Strats when I’m in the office. Are those days gone?

[looked at the calendar. . .I now feel silly. Good job @Vocino ]


:sadgumball: Muh inquiries


When I saw the porn ad this was my reaction…

Wait the porn one didn’t come up for you all? Wow, I must be lucky :wink:


Will we get a count of how many people messaged to complain about the “new ad policy”? :smiley: