Strats Update - Week 8

Hello friends,

This is just a little update post. We are growing and growing. It’s really great to see all of these new people and get so many new opinions and thoughts on this forum!

In 2015, we are really going to push for some aggressive new product design and development for Strats. Together, we should see significant growth and new product this year. My hope is that everyone gets increasingly excited about this process as I make (hopefully) weekly updates about it. I’ll be looking to everyone here for insight, help, and participation.

One thing to note, and really the primary reason for this post, is that I can’t be all places at once. Strats doesn’t make money (although we may be approaching breaking even soon). This is a labor of love and we all have full time jobs. I want to focus and be heads-down working on Strats in my free time.

To that end, @auth and @tommy2118 (our fearless moderators) should be your go-to contacts. I’m looking to them to keep things running, answer any questions, and continue to do an amazing job with fostering the awesome environment we have here.

Tommy is your contact for all things video. That includes Strats on YouTube and on Twitch. He’s going to be making some posts about #teamstrats that our streamers are going to be really excited about. Under his leadership, the time and focus needed to grow your channels will be made available. As a streamer myself, I can’t wait for that!

Auth is your contact for all things recruitment. You want to start that new guild? You want to get everyone into that new game? He’s your guy. Everyone has ideas—he can help you execute.

Don’t forget that we also have so many amazing members here that love to help people out. I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t be eager to get together with someone and start a grind to get people involved in some new game or something.

If you’re one of our regulars, I encourage you to join us in the weekly meetings and help us shape the core of what this community is and does. If you’re not there yet, you will get there!

Open to any questions.





That’s great news!