Strats User Profiles


The purpose of this thread is to outline the requirements for user profiles on Strats.


Users of Strats want to have a place where they can call home. Their user profile should be their home base where they can send friends and fans. It should show people the content they have contributed, link fans to their other profiles, and help gamers connect with them to play games.


As the people are the most important resource at Strats, they should get root URL privileges. User profile URLs should be We will namespace other endpoints, e.g. games/dragon-age-inquisition, platforms/playstation-4.

Social connections

Social connections that have OAuth support should be made with connections. These (listed below) will allow the user to connect their other external profiles and then choose whether to display that link on their profile.

For example, a user would connect Twitch, authorize, and then have the option to “Display Twitch link?” on their profile. With Twitch authorized, we can do other things like display their live status and embed their Twitch stream when that user is live. In the case of Twitter, we can pull in some Tweets for their profile page, etc.

User-editable fields

These fields are available to the user to edit as they see fit.

  • Account
    • Username (can you edit this like Twitter or limit it?)
    • Email address (requires re-verification)
    • Password (what password standards do we want?)
  • Design
    • Avatar/user image
    • Background or Header image
    • Primary color (will change links and whatnot)
  • Connections
    • Twitter (connected)
    • Facebook (connected)
    • Twitch (connected)
    • YouTube (connected)
  • Gaming Usernames
    • PSN
    • XBL
    • Steam
    • Origin
    • etc.
  • Links
    • Open fields with a link_name and link_url

Laughablez333 Intro to Strats

This will be a very valuable asset for #teamstrats members. It will give them a one-stop location to send their audience that will potentially increase viability of their entire social networking package (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

This will also have the potential to tell the story of the teamstrats member. Currently on Twitch, you are limited to a short bio and whatever you can cram into your channel page. Twitter displays information via “fire hose” and is really only relevant in the moment. I foresee that a new follower will be able to navigate to and really get an idea of who I am, read my posts, see the games I play and ultimately start to build the relationship that is so vital to retaining the audience.


I’m bumping this as there are new people that I’d like to get feedback from. I’m currently working on this area of the new platform and I’d like some input.

  • What do you need on your profile?

  • What would it have to have to win a place in the link box on your social profiles (twitter, etc)?


What if there was a badge for linking game usernames? This would allow the badge page to show every user that has shared and let’s us hook up easily.


I think this would be a great addition… You could send your viewers to /username and they could get a understanding of who you are and what you play as well as it being a short stop of finding all of your social media sites. Basically what @tommy2118 said.


I’m all for the ‘social connections’ section.

Especially being able to integrate Twitch/Twitter, being able to display recent tweets from my timeline + showcase whenever I’m live. That would be awesome. Color customization for my profile to match my headers. A badge for my PSN would be great, too.

I really dig the idea of having a one-stop location that I can use besides my website!


I think this is an awesome idea! As a regular #teamstrats streamer, I have my bot post about Strats every now and then. I would love to have my bot send my audience(albeit small right now) to a link of my profile with all sorts of stuff.

Maybe one suggestion that would be amazing would be a calendar or something? Maybe to tell your audience when you are streaming, doing a giveaway, or general things to hype up? Thoughts?

Edit: I guess what I’m foreseeing would be a one stop shop for Strats streaming team members to put all their streaming info in one profile. Not only would this be a incentive to any streamer looking to join Strats, but it would also be an awesome way to get Strats some attention.


Bringing the conversation back over here…

@Vocino, I agree that a category is heavy. It would also not be a manual process. I think that a category more resembles the personal profile then a thread. If I had a Category I could make a thread about my streaming, YouTubing, blog etc. I would potentially get feed back from the community on each topic and based upon that increase or decrease effort accordingly. By lumping it all in one thread we might limit the creativity and not get a true impression of what members would use on their Personal Profiles when they are released.


Also, I just thought of something else that would be amazing to add to the user profiles. We need the ability to post like our Highlights or something to the profile. I think that would be an amazing feature.

I feel bad because I’ve posted like 4 videos in my “Trolling in the foreign voice in H1Z1” thread.