Strats Weekly - 11 May 2015 @ 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific) + Echo of Soul Giveaway


Live on Twitch, 11 May 2015 @ 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific)

Be there or be square. Come snoop on the Strats regulars by visiting the live stream at

As if you needed a reason to join other than great discussion with your fellow Strategists and giving your input on important issues that help build the community, we’re also going to be giving away 20 Echo of Soul keys during the stream.

If you’re a regular in these here parts, check out the Lounge thread to add your topic of discussion to the list.

If you missed last week’s meeting, here’s what you can expect (except much better this time because we’ve got the whole video thing down now):

Strats Twitch Channel

Darn!! Its hard for me EU to watch live :grinning: gona have to watch reply agean :grinning:


We have 20 keys? :laughing:




Reminder to join in for the meeting tonight friends and new members


Here’s what you missed! Further discussion, reply as linked topic.