Strats Weekly + Giveaway - 14 December 2015 - 9:00pm EST



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Strats Weekly Talking Points:

(sequence and additional points TBD based on other contributions)

  • Who’s playing what these days?
  • [Additional gaming topics TBD; post a suggestion!]
  • Top Posts of the Week
  • Weekly Props

##This Week’s Guest: Mumble!
We haven’t actually got anybody special today. If you’re interested in being a guest on an upcoming Strats Weekly, message @Auth to get that dialogue going :wink:

Our very own @JRWarlord has recently published the first book in a sci-fi trilogy and he’s given us two signed copies we’ll be handing out this week :wink:

#Just Cause 3

Compliments of @Mohomohommad



Here’s hoping that @Mohomohommad is changing my title. :pray:


Nope. Could never improve upon it.


Damn you!


It’s a non-issue @Vocino, your title just cycled today from a previous giveaway :wink:


HYPE :strats_blue:


Congrats @JRWarlord on the book publish!