Strats Weekly + Giveaway - 18 January 2016 - 9:00pm EST



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What is Strats Weekly?

For those who may have missed the thread some time ago, here’s a look at what the Weekly has become in 2016 and why. Essentially, we’ll be chatting about what games we’re playing, what’s coming out that we’re pumped for, and how things are going with our active guilds as well as digging into some of the other goings on in Strats like community events and what direction Strats is heading in, all the while fielding questions and listening to suggestions; join us for a generally-awesome time and to help steer Strats’ focus, growth, and direction :wink:

#Giveaway: TBD
There will totally be one; promise :wink:



may i have a few minutes to talk about the division? Thanks!


I’d just like to draw attention to and mention that we do these promotion threads and they’re important. Help a strategist out!