Strats Weekly + Giveaway - 20 June 2016 - 9:00pm EDT / 21 June 2016 - 1:00am UTC



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What is Strats Weekly?

For those who may have missed the thread some time ago, here’s a look at what the Weekly has become in 2016 and why. Essentially, we’ll be chatting about what games we’re playing, what’s coming out that we’re pumped for, and how things are going with our active guilds as well as digging into some of the other goings on in Strats like community events and what direction Strats is heading in, all the while fielding questions and listening to suggestions; join us for a generally-awesome time and to help steer Strats’ focus, growth, and direction :wink:

#Giveaway hype!
I have no idea what we’re giving away yet, but rest assured it will be given away most impressively :wink:



Topic for tonight: Steam Summer Sale!

I heard Salt & Sanctuary is a good game.


id go if that were being given away for sure.


Why not show up even if it’s not given away?


True, its always a good time


how do i get to strats weekly now?


We always host it in Mumble, but we just ended :frowning:


@Auth Let me know when the audio is up. Woke up at 11pm yesterday from a really bad day.


Interestingly enough, I felt like shit on Monday too. We had a real low-key meeting and I didn’t record because I felt awful. The highlights were things we liked from E3, the Minecraft server coming down next month (map will be backed up and made available for anyone that wants it), @Biggles7268’s ability to slay a modded Minecraft server, Riders of Icarus open beta coming up (@Diacuss is going to make a guild for folks to rally around if they plan to play), and the giveaway winners were @Zniri and @Diacuss who got Salt and Sanctuary (courtesy of @teh_ninjaneer) and Rocket League (thanks to @Zniri), respectively :wink:


Praise the Salt