Strats Weekly Meeting - 4 May 2015 - 9:00pm EDT


I want to try something a bit different during this week’s Strats Weekly Meeting. We’re going to be streaming it live at 9:00 Eastern on the official Strats Twitch channel.

If you’re a regular in these here parts, join us in the lounge on Mumble. If you’re a regular and you have a camera and a mic, I will give this week’s unique URL out to those who arrive :15 mins early in Mumble so you can get set and join us.
If you’re going to be around, I would love to see some support in the Twitch chat!

ESO dungeon runs tonight (4 May)

This sounds like exactly what I had in mind when I thought of the name “strats chats”. I will see you there tomorrow night. Sorry I wasn’t around to help you test things today.


What’s the headcount looking like? I’m going to be putting the stream countdown up at around :30 prior. I encourage everyone to stop by at that time and hang in chat.


Here’s the video in case you missed it: