Strats Weekly + PS4 Giveaway Holiday Special - 21 December 2015 @ 9:00pm EST



##Watch the Strats Weekly here || Join the conversation on Mumble

Strats Weekly Talking Points:

(sequence and additional points TBD based on other contributions)

  • Who’s playing what these days?
  • Holiday plans
  • [Additional gaming topics TBD; post a suggestion!]
  • Top Posts of the Week
  • Weekly Props

##This Week’s Guest: Mumble!
We haven’t actually got anybody special today. If you’re interested in being a guest on an upcoming Strats Weekly, message @Auth to get that dialogue going :wink:

Loot Crate February: DEAD

That is the day after my bday ya know!


sounds awesome, ill be there.


Remember, to earn points to enter the raffle for the PS4 you have to be present during the upcoming Strats Weekly:


Bump for all the new people!


I would like a few minutes to discuss The Division and our plans for the Strats clan.

Thanks. :smile:

EDIT: I am only able to do mumble on my phone so I can’t be in the twitch stream…sorry.


Hype day!

@Droul this is a packed stream with the giveaway so we have to see if we have time.


It can wait for another day


This is going to be huge! Look forward to dropping by to hangout with you all!


Whatever the winner types in Twitch chat when they win should be their new title.


Congratulations to @blinkbrac for winning the first big Strats year end giveaway!


Lol that’s how I felt


Grats blink!!!