Strats Weekly (Special Albion Online Edition) - 29 June 2015 - 9:00pm EDT



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Strats Weekly Talking Points:

(sequence and additional points TBD based on other contributions)

  • State of the guilds/IP’s/franchises (as needed)
    • Albion Online (obviously)
  • Category change proposition 1337
  • Top Posts of the Week
  • Weekly Props

Do please post if there’s something you’d like to have discussed at this week’s meeting; we’re attempting to stick to the line items as closely as possible to keep meetings both topical and reasonably brief :wink:

Albion Online Giveaway

This Monday during Strats Weekly, we will be giving away 5 Summer Alpha Keys!


Drizz - @DrizztDo_Urden69 - was just telling me about this on my stream this morning!

I’ll definitely send out a promo tweet to help spread the word/signal boost.

  • Albion Online
  • What are the guild goals for this alpha? Recruitment? Understanding mechanics to build guides for beta/release? Setting up alliances and scouting locations we want to establish our kingdom in release? Are we going to have schedules for PvP/Crafting/Exploration nights? Or just log in and find people to do stuff with?

A lot of this might have been discussed during a previous Alpha but as we prepare to go into a game like this, the land grab and relationships will be crucial for a long-term success!


My goal is to plant pretty pink flowers across the land.

Ok really it’s just to learn how the game works.


Mine is to help building all the necessary structures, gather resources as much as i can :construction_worker:


I have an alpha key for Fortnite to give away during the meeting. I posted about this game a couple months ago but there wasn’t much interest from others at the time.

Fortnite is a “co-op sandbox survival game” being developed by Epic Games (Unreal, Gears of War). Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic, describes the game as Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead. Your team has to collect materials to construct a base during the daytime and then protect that base from invading zombies during the nighttime.

The idea seems similar to Dungeon Defenders I guess. Alpha testing starts on July 1 and lasts about 3 weeks.


i’m new here how do you win the key?


I’m not sure how we’re doing it this week, but it’ll be given away during the meeting, probably to people in the stream :wink:


so do i go on twitch at 9? and possibly win? do i have to be in or watching the stream too? i just really want this xP


Dont’ we all! Yeah I think being on twitch, logged into chat and maybe following the stream will put you in the pool to win!


cool thanks


I think he also needs to perform a dance and sing a song, then he’s in :smiley:


i would totally do that too


Those who pledge their firstborn to strats get an additional 30% chance to win.


lol dont have kids but ill give you my nutella. anyone know what kind of key it is?


Just for clarification, the Albion keys we’re giving away do not have rewards. They give you game access but not the list of Founder rewards on


Added a “Weekly Props” note. I think it would be nice to do some quick “props” at the end if anyone wants to shout out a great job or exceptional effort a member made for the benefit of the community or other members.



Thanks for the giveaway guys and for the very funny and entertaining strats weekly. I hope to see you in game. I’m not sure if you got my strats name from the Twitch chat. I’m rinkshat aka Bierflasche :).