Strats Weekly + TwitchCon Wrap-up/Giveaways - 28 September 2015 - 9:00pm EDT



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Strats Weekly Talking Points:

(sequence and additional points TBD based on other contributions)

  • Guest host @simplyundrea!
  • Who’s playing what these days?
  • TwitchCon 2015 wrap-up
  • [Additional gaming topics TBD; post a suggestion!]
  • Top Posts of the Week
  • Weekly Props

This week we’re giving away 3 Steam copies of Zombie Army Trilogy in Twitch chat compliments of myself

So, I know some folks were excited about the Zombie Army Trilogy giveaway, but we have so much stuff from TwitchCon. Seriously, it’s almost silly. So, we’re pushing the Zombie Army Trilogy giveaway to next week to hand out all the awesome we’re bringing home with us :wink:

Announcing Strats Command


I can’t wait for this! Its going to be 1 AM in the UK but I dont care!


Go for HYPE :train2:


I have two early access keys from Pladadins that I wanted to give away!

@Auth, do I send them to you to hand out?

EDIT/PS: I’m tooootally getting Mumble just so I can breeze through to talk about Twitch Con! Haha.


Yeah, @simplyundrea, just PM them to me and I’ll add them to the swag pile :wink:


I would be happy to take those Paladins keys off your hands please. Been signed up since the game was announced!


Sounds like someone will be attending Strats Weekly this week :wink:


I’m there every week anyway but usually wrangling kids.


I should be there, Destiny represent!


I’ll be there. Anxious to hear about what you all saw.


… I think I’m gonna need an adult after all I saw…


Wheat, did you wind up going to the after party? (Did you see DJ Wheat again?) Wheatception! Haha.


This needs to be a thing.


Because honestly, how do we really know that @Wheatums isn’t actually DJ Wheat?!

I never saw them in the same place at the same time …


Nah, we ended up hashing through some strats’ stuff. I did get to meet up with DJ Wheat.

So, for those of you who don’t know, my name is literally DJ Wheat (David-Joshua Wheat). Needless to say, this has caused some trouble on both of our ends. We met, tried to fight to the death for our name sake, ended up taking a selfi together… friggen gamers.


Haha, that’s awesome that you got to meet him.


Title change maybe?



That picture is the most epic thing EVER! -saves it-

Wheat for President. 2016!