Strats1k Memorial T-Shirt!

Oh my god. It’s here. The official Strats One Thousand Member Memorial Commemorative Milestone Tee-Shirt of Awesome.

$20 @

Celebrate the one thousand member milestone with the limited edition Strats 1K t-shirt. Impress your gamer friends by showing off a shirt that they’ll have no context for. Show off Strats to your stream viewers and see 1000% more followers.


I’m sad…they don’t have my size :frowning:

Would LOVE to have one.

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Just grabbed one for the wife. I’ve got to start representing, I’ve wore nothing but Air Force for the last 20 years. :smirk:

FYI, 20 people need to buy this thing or it doesn’t get printed.

I doubt we’ll have an issue hitting 20. I haven’t ordered mine yet, but I’ll handle it when I get home today :wink:

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I’ll get mine after my internship.

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Note that you aren’t charged anything until the end of the 14 day run. Similar to a kick starter model.

Updated the URL, for some reason it started not working (the short version)

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You lot better get on this; I want my damn shirt :wink:


Damnit i want that shirt.

We can all get it if we get twenty buyers. Please buy😁

9 days left. What’s up? Are we getting these shirts?


I’d buy 2-3 if they could get my size. :tshirt::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That really sucks they don’t have your size man😔

This T-Shirt idea is pretty cool and I can’t wait to sport mine…

Do you guys know this is more then a piece of cotton with a pretty logo on it? This is a symbol of where we currently are and the direction we are heading. :smirk:

A little better then six months ago, what we currently know as Strats, was starting to take shape. It was being constructed upon the desire to have an exclusive, yet inclusive, corner of the gaming world carved out for our very special member base (that’s you :smirk: ). This member base has developed into a community, a community of mature like-minded gamers who want to enjoy gaming in a non-toxic, safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

I don’t look at this shirt as just a cool piece of swag ( although it is pretty cool ). I see it as a declaration from the community that we are thriving and want to continue to grow. That we have reached 1k friends and we still want more.

This humble handful of TESO players who followed @vocino here less then 1 year ago, has grown into a community that raised nearly $1500 for sick kids ( Give yourselves a hand).

In summary, if you can afford it, consider ordering a shirt. Let’s send the message that we are proud of the first 1000 members and we are ready for the next phase.

Thanks for letting me be apart of this place with you guys.


What @tommy2118 said. I’d like to get my shirt too :astonished:


Bump for the hope of an awesome t shirt. We need a hero!

We passed the mark to get them printed. So if you ordered, you’ll get one.


Fucking WOOT!

Edit: I thought we had to hit goal to get them printed…

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There’s a goal for us but also a minimum.