#Strats1k — Thousand Member Weekend

Hello Strategists,

We are on the cusp of cross a huge milestone: 1,000 members. It wasn’t long ago when we were just a small group of gamers with a dream of something bigger. To celebrate, we’re doing a weekend of streaming, giveaways, and countdowns.

Join us this weekend as we welcome new members to meet our goal of 1,000 loyal strategists. Here’s how you can help:

  • Share topics by clicking the “share” links and posting them on Facebook, Twitter, and reddit.

  • Join our Twitch team and stream over the weekend, sharing the good news of Strats to your viewers.

  • Tell your friends by inviting them using the forum.

We will be advertising your streams by hosting them on the official Strats profile as well as through paid ads to get you viewers. If you’re going to be streaming and want support, please post below with a specific date and time range when you will be active.


Twitch banner: (example available here)


My twitch channel

I’ll be streaming Friday and Saturday nights (10/3 and 10/4) from 7:30pm - whenever EST.

Games will include, but not be limited to: Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor, Smite, League of Legends, Pinball FX2…maybe even World of Warcraft. probably mostly middle earth though.

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So I’ve never streamed before, but would like to help out. Are there any guidelines that I should follow, or just bust out a twitch account and go ham?

If each one of only our most active members invited just 1 friend to Strats we would far exceed our goal for the weekend. Just a little tidbit of knowledge.

Updated to include Twitch asset!

Because I’ve got very little going on this weekend, I’m planning to stream on my channel for 1000 minutes on Saturday (from 0720-2400 CDT) in support of our #Strats1k weekend. I’ll be playing as many games as it takes to stay entertained (probably lots of Destiny with some Minecraft and who knows what else) breaking only long enough for a quick trip to the bathroom or foods.


We’re going to curb this until next weekend due to time constraints. Sorry friends!

What are we at?

Currently at 925 members.