Stratscast Assistance - Segment Ideas and Guests


I am very happy with the overwhelming interest in the upcoming Stratscast and the willingness of everyone to help out. Here is your change. Please drop a reply with a topic that we can discuss during our upcoming episodes. Please keep them connected to the gaming world and provide any references you have handy. If one of your topics are selected we will be sure to give you a plug. If you are interested in being a guest feel free to let us know as well. I am looking forward to reading the great topics.

P.S. Please refrain form discussing the topics in this thread.


The Great Mountain Project.

The current progress and end goal of the strip mine region of the mine craft server as taken on as a personal project by @Droul. Started at level 128 and down to level 92 with the ultimate goal of bedrock. With a stockpile of over 140,000 blocks of stone and other materials, an automated 20 slot sorter by @tommy2118 with its own railway.

Would also love to be a guest on the stratscast!


One topic I would like to hear you guys talk about is an analysis of the PS4 and X-Box 1 now that they have a year and a bit more finished. I also would be interested in guest staring as well on the Stratscast.


Maybe a broader topic. “Minecraft, why does it have so much appeal? When will the momentum die?”

Edit: Although, I also like your topic as well. It is quite an undertaking that i think people will find interesting.


Depends on how deep the topic should be or “what” the content is, but here’s a couple ideas:

  • The discussion of streaming, why it’s important, and why a lot of companies are starting to utilize it for marketing.
  • The Valve “Steam Machines” and whether we think they are good or bad
  • General state of the industry
  • What games everyone has been playing
  • Nintendo’s new YouTube policy and why it’s a good or a bad thing
  • Free-to-play games and whether we think games with microtransactions are good or bad
  • The current industry standard of “DLC” and what it means for gaming

Or if you want some quick topics, things like:

  • Favorite game and why
  • Funniest game you’ve ever played
  • Your best moment in gaming
  • Worst moment in gaming

I could go on for awhile, but I would love to be a guest sometime in the podcast if possible!


Keep them coming!


Maybe like an “MMO Corner” segment/topic where maybe like each week a different game from the MMO topic is discussed. Like one week it could be WoW, and the next week FF, and the week after that maybe Elder Scrolls online, etc etc.

And also maybe like week have a short segment where maybe you can get one random person from the community on and get to know a bit about them and talk about their streams and/or youtube channel and stuff.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

  • The recent influx of MOBA games over the past few years
  • Indie gaming on the rise.
  • Free Game development software and why it’s crucial to Indie devs
  • Are people finally getting sick of Zombie themed games
  • Current gaming trends(Medieval, Zombie, Futuristic) What will be the future trend?
  • Mobile gaming and whether we approve or disprove
  • On the topic of mobile gaming, do we feel it’s hurting the industry?
  • HOW CAN WE NOT TALK ABOUT THE OCULUS?! (Sorry super excited about that one)
  • The future of Virtual Reality
  • Unreal 4 Engine is free, has anyone messed with it?

Just some more food for thought :smile:

  • the growing trend of the early access/pre-purchase model
  • popularity (or flooding of the market) of open world survival games
  • anything invaderdoom has already stated, because he covered enough for several shows at this point.

btw, no love from @tommy2118 on the “Strats Chats” name? :cry:

  • Upcoming releases to look forward to
  • Blizzards upcoming payment changes & this tactic in general for MMO’s
  • PAX East
  • Gaming Conventions
  • How gaming culture has changed from a “nerd” hobby to more mainstream hobby
  • Thoughts on game tournaments and events such as Dreamhack
  • Standards of games getting higher and higher in regards to reviews and what we expect from a game
  • Lootcrate, what you’d like to see in one based on what you’ve seen in the past
  • Planning for upcoming Strats events, Heists, Minecraft Saturday Events teases

How much are you going to talk about Strats, such as it’s history and branching out in the first few casts?

Great topics @ThatDoomThough! (and everyone else, don’t feel excluded!)
@dontcallmejames I know :sadgumball:


I’ve done plenty of thinking about podcasts and such. I also spend lot’s of time trying to keep up with the industry. I got on this site called gamespress which also helps me keep up a little bit :smile:


I would also like to suggest that if you (@tommy2118) and @Auth, (as I think I remember hearing that you two will be hosting.) Both agree completely on a certain point, such as F2P games and whether they are good or bad for the industry, that you bring in someone who disagrees with you. That will make the conversation a bit more interesting and it will also appeal more to all listeners because their opinion will be represented.


I love the name. Maybe under StratsCo taxonomy, any “cast” sponsered or supported by Strats would be considered a Stratscast and this one impeticular could be called Strats Chats?


I think this is cool, but I also think honesty from the hosts would make it more authentic.



I never suggested that the hosts be dishonest. That’s why I suggested that if they agree on a point, they should bring in someone who disagrees with them to argue the point.


roger that. and as your reply infers, there may be multiple outlets to this podcast/webshow thing. so if this current iteration didn’t use the name (if you had a better name in mind), maybe a future one would use it.


My goal as a host is to ask good questions and encourage our guests to expound on the points. I’m not as concerned about my thoughts or opinions, they will be expressed, but I’d like the show to revolve around the guests…


ah ok… I misinterpreted the meaning




Honestly what drew me to certain podcasts in the past was the play between the hosts. I really liked the instance when it was Scott and Randy, but before and since it has suffered. Turpster is amusing, but honestly it feels like he tries too hard.