Stratscast - Coming soon

As some of you know, we were discussing the possibility of producing a podcast revolving around StratsCo. After much debate and consideration, we are moving ahead with the project. As with all things Strats I would like to get some feedback from the community on what elements you believe would make a solid product that we could reproduce weekly. As this product is developed I hope to define the role(s) it is fulfilling and use this/them as a compass for its production.

For example:
Role- Stratscast keeps the member base informed about hot topics within the Strats community.

Role- Stratscast presents insightful aspects about community members throught entertains interview and dialog.

Having clearing defined roles well help me ensure that the end product is a viable product that is adding to the Strats experience.

I am excited to hear your feedback and hope to have Stratscast episode 1 in the coming weeks.


I think one role that it could provide is a quick look at games we are planning on playing. This could help give us a push and cut down on some of the reading.

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I like the concept of looking ahead and I will be sure to add this as a role. Keep in mind that my vision for the podcast is that it adds to the user experience without diluting the forums. So, don’t put your reading glasses away just yet. :wink:


Don’t worry about that, dead space had made it so I am never getting laser surgery.

I wonder if he saw that coming?

He sure did


Assuming a 1 hour show, I would be interested in a format something like this:

  • 00:00 - Intro (welcome, quick “what is Strats?”, What is Stratscast?, state the Stratscast release schedule, coming up/episode agenda that outlines “Topical gaming discussion” section list, join and “tell a friend”)
  • 00:05 - Strats Gamers (Who’s doing something cool? Who has been streaming? What are they playing? Who just joined? Who has something interesting going on?)
  • 00:10 - Introduce Guest if present (I would try to have a guest each episode as it really adds a lot, imo)
  • 00:15 - Topical gaming discussion
    • ~00:25 - Topic 1
    • ~00:35 - Topic 2
    • ~00:45 - Topic 3
  • 00:55 - Closing (goodbye, scheduled guests for next episode, follow, tweet, etc. join and “tell a friend”)

This is a great framework. Thanks for the head start!

Just throwing it out there.

So as for the people doing the Podcast, guessing we’re gonna want them to have cams?

It’s audio only for now but having a cam will probably be required for the recording since not being able to see visual cues makes conversation really awkward.

That’s what I was figuring as well. The actual podcasters should have cams, and maybe the guests can just be voice if they can’t get a cam.

I see no reason guests shouldn’t have cams. Why is it ok if conversation with them is awkward?

Hmm i see where you’re coming from, but i don’t feel the conversation wouldn’t be awkward just because they don’t have a cam. I’m just saying because I for one do not have a cam atm, so just saying, only audio shouldn’t be too horrible for a guest.

Having an interview is much different then say a phone call. Having the visual cues and body language would be really important.

Good point.

You’ve got at least one other content creator that I’ve invited who has been running his own podcast for quite some time. You should reach out to see how you guys can collaborate, share tips, etc.

As for what makes a good podcast for me; personality is everything. I’m not always interested in what you’re talking about so much so as I am the way you’re talking about it. A “what’s going on in the way of Strats” is certainly good for those who don’t know you anywhere else but the podcast, but I wouldn’t spend a whole lot of time on it.

I like content that challenges what’s going on in the industry today. Reviewing a game here, interviewing a famous person there is all well and good, but tell me about strides (or setbacks) that the industry is making. Talk to me about things like the big feminist movement in gaming, or how DLC and episodic gaming is becoming more and more mainstream, or how indie titles seem to be outselling the triple A titles in both numbers and popularity.

I like different and original. I can go to a million places and find reviews and news on upcoming titles. I can only go one place to hear the opinions of the Strats team on the state of the union, so to speak.

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