StratsCo 7 Days to Die server is live!

#Good news!

The StratsCo 7 Days to Die server is now live. Follow the steps below to access it.

First of all, to add you to the whitelist I need your Steam64 ID.

##How to get your Steam64 Id
Go to
Enter your Steam name and it will return your id.
Copy and paste it in this post so I can add you.

Go to your steam profile and use the name listed at the end of the URL



##Port 25450

It’s pretty vanilla right now but I plan on spending tomorrow playing around with it and making some cool stuff and discovering some custom recipes and what not.

#Hop in and have fun. Let’s make this game our own!

#Current Whitelist


It’s lonely in here :frowning:

Sorry, wife wanted to play games over the weekend, we ended up playing the Forest.

The player list above saves any players that have logged in at all. Doesn’t look good.

I don’t really know anything about the game. I did a search for a post about the game itself but couldn’t find anything. I’ll look into it later today and download to check it out (is it on Steam?).

Although regarding the numbers, I did come across this poll which shows only 2 yeses and 3 maybes.

EDIT: I’m braindead. I see that was your poll, heh.

Thats odd because I was certainly on the server, I died a few times LoL

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Yeah it’s on steam

Not sure if I did it right, but this is the ID I got.


you need the steam64 id

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This one

Also, an alternative method is to just attempt to log in to the server and it will tell you your Steam ID when it rejects you. lol

Whitelist me BRO!

Should be good

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Hmm, tried multiple times then waited for a few minutes and tried again. Say not whitelisted.

send me a steam invite bifftannen1


Heads up: I still don’t know how to play this game well

Should be good

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Anyone have an idea as to why it says I’m not whitelisted?

The number @Biff_Tannen posted up there is the same exact number it lists back to me when it says I’m not whitelisted.

Try clearing your cache or something. It added you to the player list

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I am off for the days so ill message you with my info soon