StratsCo + Fallout 76 Photomode Megathread



Post your amazing photos below!

How to take photos in Fallout 76

To get to Fallout 76’s photo mode, you’ll need to open your map with esc the button, then hit T to launch photo mode.

You’ll have different settings and options to tweak photo: like whether you want your character to be visible, what pose you want them in, and more.

You can get different frames and poses for photo mode by playing through the game and completing quests, or purchase them from the Atom Shop.

It should be noted that opening photo mode up won’t pause the game, so you might still find yourself under attack.

Photo save location

\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76\Photos\[character hash]

By default, photos are stored in your standard game stuff folder on Windows 10.

Note that you can add photos that you download from here to your folder and they will go into the rotation for your loading screens.


At the top of the mining huge excavator with @Alundrel. Before starting it up for sweet sweet ore.

Finally looking like a bad ass in Power Armor!


@Wayward chowing down on a dead body…


Brotherhood of Strategists afternoon jam session

This is what peak performance looks like

Early morning tuba



Now I wish I would have snapped a photo whenever I unlocked a new frame.


Posing with my new friend

@Alundrel lookin’ good


Gotta get that Raider Tuba Action!


@Auth What, not that picture of me relaxing in the chair?



Starting to get my character looking pretty bad ass.


First solo melee Scorchbeast

(taken a few days ago; uploaded now because remembered)


How do you melee a flying monster?


Like you don’t give a fuck that it’s got wings.


Finally got it boys!


@Alundrel that looks bad ass my friend.


Level 50 Diseased Mirelurk Queen with a Crown

AKA: one of the only times I’ve used a Stimpak in combat; she was a tough old girl.


Do you roll with no helmet for style points?


No, I’ve only got 5 Int; I can’t afford to take any head damage :wink:

However, I do pose exclusively sans helmet to shine those pearly whites.


The head with the power armor is certainly a strong look.