StratsCo Humble Bundle Partnership



Fellow Strategists,

StratsCo is happy to officially announce our partnetship with Hubmle Bundle.
By no means should you feel obligated to do so, but using the StratsCo partner code is super easy, supports charity, helps to keep StratsCo running, and enables us to do more for the community.

What is Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is a distribution platform selling games, ebooks, software, and other digital content. Since Humble’s founding in 2010, their mission has been to support charity (“Humble”) while providing awesome content to customers at great prices (“Bundle”).

They offer individual games.
They offer curated bundles of games, softare, ebooks, etc. where you can pay what you want (minimum price).
They also offer a monthly subscription for $10/mo that gets you all kinds of cool games (recently Mafia 3, Dark Souls 3, Civ VI, Deus Ex: MD, and more…) and saves you 10% on all purchases in the store.

Why Use Humble Bundle?

  • Just as easy as buying on steam
  • Keep codes to use later (no longer able on steam)
  • Subscription can save you money on games
  • Money goes to charity
  • If you use our partner code, money will go to StratsCo to help keep things running

How do I use the StratsCo partner code?

Either click the link in the top right of the forum…


Or simply add “?partner=stratsco” to the end of the url for the purchase you wish to make.

If you’ve done it right you’ll see a blue bar at the top that says “Thank you for supporting StratsCo” as well as the image below on the checkout screen.




If you want to be super awesome and support StratsCo, whenever you buy a game try to do it on Humble Bundle and use the StratsCo Partner code.


Can I apply it to a current monthly sub? Or do I need to cancel and sign up again?


I would assume you need to cancel and sign back up, but maybe @Bradum can clarify that.


I think what @NVS_1 said is correct, but I’m not 100%.

Help us, @Bradum; you’re our only hope.


I believe you need to re-subscribe.


It’s so weird. When i use the partner code I get an error.
“Sorry, promotion not available in your country”


You’re the worst


Ah, but you have heard of me?



The StratsCo Humble Bundle link is now located in the top right of the forum.




For the month of May we’re currently sitting at:
Charity = $9.60
StratsCo = $4.67

If we hit $20 for Charity and $15 for StratsCo we’ll do an extra giveaway at the monthly.

How To Use StratsCo Partner Code


Thinking about building this into @Abathur somehow.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @Abathur display help.