StratsCo is Making ESEA News



###S19 NA Open - Week 2 Power Rankings

United States StratsCo
5-0-0 (1.000)
Streak W5
7. Not only are they continuing to be a good looking team in this open season, but someone give me their number because it seems like their strats are working. Especially if the strats they are doing are giving them the wins this season. A team that is also in it to win it, I wouldn’t underestimate these guys.
PTW: gambleRsv


Great job, guys!

/cc :strats_blue: @gambleR, :strats_grey: @niluk, :strats_orange: @busta, :strats_red: @bLuR_eX, :strats_purple: @energy, :strats_green: @daywalk


You da :bomb: guys


Kick ass guys!! you are representing Strats like a BOSS!!




Hell yeah that’s awesome guys!


This is awesome news! :smile: Wow.


That’s awesome! Congrats guys. Side note, how are they ranking the teams? Shows we’re rank 7 with 5-0-0, yet someone ranked above Strats only has 4 games played and is 4-0-0, and yet someone below us has 6 games played and is 6-0-0. You’d think the 4-0-0 would be below, and the 6-0-0 would be at the top.

Oh well, keep it up guys, lets keep the streak going!


Depends on the ranks of the teams that were beat, I’m assuming.


Ah, that could be it. Guess I should look at the ranks more then just the writeup. I’m sure it tells you there.

Edit: Yep, it shows Total Rounds For and Total Rounds Against. So the Rounds for are how many rounds they have won, and Rounds Against, are how many Rounds they’ve lost. The team in first has 83 rounds for, and 23 rounds against, where as Strats has 80 rounds for, and 39 rounds against.

Tells me we’ve had a couple close games, but also several blow outs as well. Where as the highest ranked team would have pretty much blown out every team they’ve played averaging about 4-5 rounds lost per game.

Anyone who’s interested, here’s the rankings:

We’re listed as 8th as of right now.


@NVS_1 We definitely had 1 close game, no team has got more than 10 rounds on us, and thats what matters. in my eyes we have had no close games, every team loses rounds. some mistakes happen no teams are perfect. but we watch our demos and fix our mistakes our slogan for go team is
"We never lose, We either learn, or Win"

Our team is a new team and has alot of time to learn things as a whole, but as single players every single player we have is unique in their own way, and that will continue our winnings

Thanks for the support all,!


from what I read there, they are basically telling people not to underestimate you guys. it’s like an anime almost.

The rise into becoming the top team through hard work and unpredictability. can make for a good storyline.