<StratsCo> Just Snagged a Silver in STL!



Well, the last couple weeks have been a mess between AC problems and a general inability to get all our schedules in sync. Nevertheless, we took down Veteran Stormtalon tonight and got a silver doing it! The group was 4/5 guild for the run as we didn’t have a 3rd experienced DPS available from our ranks when we kicked off and, despite @Brogdan’s efforts, we achieved success on our first attempt.

Now 1/4 on the Silver Dungeons attunement step:

Honorable mention:

  • DPS: Pousey, our Engineer PUG (he already had this dungeon silvered, but thank him nonetheless for filling out the group)

Check out the run here!
Heals Perspective
Tank Perspective


just watched the whole run again :slight_smile: good job


Makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.


Congrats guys.


You guys are awesome!

Based on what I could see you did this under less then optimal conditions. I’m going to submit the team for a decoration. :smile:


Highlight from my perspective.

“Tank Perspective STL Silver”


Awesome job guys!!!


Hell yes.