StratsCo Movie Monday #6 - Mystery Science Theatre 3000

So, due to my not being on the ball and getting a poll up, combined with the interest last week in chat… This week’s Movie Monday is going to feature the first (and maybe second) episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

To participate make sure you have a Chrome based browser and the “Netflix Party” plugin installed. The link to join will be shared in the #strats channel on Discord shortly before the movie starts.


The episodes are movie-length; I doubt we’ll watch 2 in one night.

I haven’t watched MST3K in so many many years. Since it was on TV, I guess. Wow, nostalgia overload.

Ahh. Didn’t know they were that long.

iirc, the old show featured older movies that were trimmed to fit into a 1 hour episode. i know there’s a new version of the show that i’ve never seen before, so i don’t know what their format is.

Nope, they were 2-hour slots, so probably 1:40ish with commercials.