StratsCo Plays Civilization V



Calling all Strategists,

This weekend is a very rare weekend. Our very own @Vocino has his kids out of town, and has more than an hour in the middle of the night to play games.

We thought it would be fun if some of us got together and played some Civilization V. We’re going to start playing at 2PM EST, so if you want to play just let us know by posting here, on Discord, and/or hop in the Lobby VC.

Hope to see you there. Should be a blast!

If you don’t already own it, it’s only $7.49 on Humble


I’m in and ready.


Which version of DLC are we playing btw? Maybe everyone has Brave New World?


Depends what people have. The DLCs are only $7.50 on humble as well.


This was a ton of fun! Thanks @Bradum + @Diacuss, @Calibian, and @oby1


the only bad part was when it eventually crashed