StratsCo PS4 Clan



Alright, so since our PC clan filled up so quickly, we’re going to make a little bit of room for our PS4 clan mates. I’ve gone ahead and made a PS4 group and you can find it here.

Anyone who’s on console and in the existing clan, if you don’t mind leaving the PC one and joining the console one, that’d be great. I’ll try and notify the others of the changes, etc. This will make room and allow the ps4 group to communicate however works for them.

Any questions or issues let me know!


@NVS_1 - Thank you for posting this. The PS4 groups seems fewer than its PC counterpart thus less interaction. I have been playing almost daily and rarely see clan mates on. What are the group’s thoughts on this?


I posted a sister thread for this clan in the recruitment section:

Throw it an upvote.

I also co-linked them to each other.


Thanks man :slight_smile: