StratsCo Twitch Bot Framework

Creating a living document for a StratsCo Twitch bot.


The StratsCo bot will join all Twitch Team member channels via a Twitch API call. Strats admins will be able to launch giveaways and notices across all channels. Streamers will be able to issue giveaways, track regulars, and perform other functions for their channel similar to Nightbot or Moobot (but free).

Commands and Functions

Commands are based on roles. They’re issued in chat and will be placed here as a reference for mods, streamers, and users. All commands are prefixed with the bot’s name stratsco. So to give a command to the bot you speak to it like you would anyone. e.g. stratsco: start countdown (the colon is optional).

Moderators (admin)

These commands are issuable by the static list of mods. These commands are executed across all channels.

  • TBD

Channel Owner (streamer)

These commands are issuable when the username which matches the channel name—otherwise known as the streamer. e.g. user vocino would be the host or streamer in #vocino. They are only executed within the context of that channel.


This will send a tweet out from @StratsCo announcing your stream.


  • winner
    picks a random user from chat


Last Seen

  • seen #username#
    e.g. stratsco: seen vocino
    output: vocino was last seen watching tommy2118 at Mon Jan 05 2015 13:15:22 GMT-0800 (PST)


  • countdown set "#name#" #datestring#
    e.g. stratsco: countdown set “Half Life 3” 21 Jan 2020

  • countdown [for] #name#
    e.g. stratsco: countdown Half Life 3

  • countdown list

  • countdown delete #countdown_id#
    e.g. stratsco: countdown delete 5

  • countdown clear

Channel Ops (mod)

These commands are issuable when the user is oped (or a mod, as Twitch calls it) in the channel. They are only executed within the context of that channel.

  • TBD

Viewers (viewer)

  • TBD


holy crap this is awesome! i’m super interested in this.

i’ve been really trying to create a “habit” of streaming whenever i game to establish a schedule by default in order to gain more viewers/notoriety/etc. i really want to learn how to market a twitch stream better and it looks like you’re pushing all the right buttons. i’d definitely be interested in joining you on this endeavor. i know i haven’t been around (on mumble or in games) in a while, but i’m making a resolution for 2015 to change that.


Can we have StratsCo update our stream title on Twitter? This would be awesome when you change games during a streaming session.


How do i get the Twitch bot to join my stream and post to twitter that i am streaming? If i missed the instructions somewhere then i apologize but i cant find it anywhere…thanks.

There’s no functionality to have the Twitch bot join a channel unless I add it to the list of channel variables. Right now it’s in development so I don’t have it joining everyone’s channel yet.


Thanks @vocino !

Will I need to make a twitter for this to work?

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Twitter is not required for the bot to function in your Twitch channel, no.

Ok didn’t think so just wanted to make sure

I found these commands on another streamer’s bot. Might be a good starting point for us:

!XP Shows how much experience you have earned watching
!next Next major podcast
!g2a Displays code to save money on games
!bot : Displays information on the current bot version and website link
!ticket x : Enters an open raffle with specified number of tickets (e.g. !ticket 4 to purchase 4 tickets)
!bid x: Enters a bid during an open auction (e.g. !bid 400 to bid 400 points)
!bets x y : When betting pools are open, it enters your bet of "x" points on option "y" (e.g. !bets 100 2).
!raffle help : Command to show users status of current raffles

This is so awesome!

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