StratsCo vs. Adderall (Thu, May 28th at 8:30pm)



Even though we suffered a loss against Rewind, it was a great game to watch. Next up is StratsCo against Adderall on Thu, May 28th at 8:30pm Pacific at de_dust2.

  • StratsCo is 6-1-0 (.857)
  • Adderall is 6-1-0 (.857)


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Official Strats CounterStrike: Global Offensive Team

maybe this match ought to be just as exciting. records being close to similar. looking foward to the match.


Good 'ol classic Dust2. Should be a good one!


Snort em up!




@skidoLLaZ, do you know if you’re playing or coming in for commentary?


@Auth, I believe I am playing tonight.


Ugh, that’s so late in CST. I may be able to log off of Destiny in time, unless I head to bed. Either way, I’m rooting for you guys. You can do it!


Ashes to ashes and de_dust to de_dust. I think that team Adderall is going to go down faster tonight then their namesake does on a college campus during finals craming.


Got my twitch spam and ready to go. ᕕ( ゚∀゚)ᕗ

Apparently Adderall is an aphrodisiac- seems to me like the return of Team Erekt: with a vengeance.



All aboard the Hype Train, departing for Pain Station in 20 :wink:


Dude we’re working on hacking the jumbotron and putting it up in Hacker Square

Couldn’t get it on the hackatron but we have it rocking in the room


Unfortunate loss, great effort though guys!


I really appreciated the post game interview. It was nice of gambler to be straight up with us as to why they lost. Hopefully they can fix some of the problems presented, and then get a rematch and take the win.

If you guys are interested, I’ll be glad to summarize what was said, however, only if they don’t post up the intereview themselves (which they should.)

You could only give so many reasons to a loss, but what matters is what they make of this loss, and what they learn going into the next matches. I think we all know this, and I’m sure we are still pretty excited to see them continue playing in ESEA. So good luck in the upcoming matches. looking forward to watching them.