StratsCo vs. Rewind Gaming (26 May 2015 @ 20:30 PST)



StratsCo is undefeated going into our 7th match!

Another match coming on quick. This time the StratsCo team up against Rewind Gaming on Tue, May 26th at 8:30pm Pacific at de_dust2.

  • StratsCo is 6-0-0 (1.000)
  • Rewind Gaming is 5-1-0 (.833)

By your powers combined, they are #TEAMSTRATS


/cc @daywalk, @gambleR, @busta, @energy, @niluk, @bLuR_eX, @skidoLLaZ

Official Strats CounterStrike: Global Offensive Team

This could be a really close, super-tense match; looking forward to a hard-fought 7-0-0 :wink:


That captain planet though…


Why do terrorists wear sunglasses?

They don’t want de dust 2 get in their eyes.

Ha ha CS:GO jokes


FTFY :wink:


bump , We have exciting game play to show you guys as we are going to be working on it more tomorrow!! We got this in the bag 7-0-0 here we come!


Can’t wait! The last one was really good, I’m glad I got a chance to catch ya’ll fight Team E.


@simplyundrea wow thanks for the support, glad to see it caught ur eye!


No problem @gambleR, I had a blast! And I’m happy to support.

I wasn’t too active in chat because I was very caught up in what was happening.

I’ve never seen gameplay of CS:GO before that Team E match, either. Also, sidenote!

Captain Planet, he’s our hero! :smile:


Hype Train, no videos after all :frowning:





I managed the catch half of yesterdays game and it looked great. Bit closer than I’m used to seeing from you guys, but it was a great match.

Only suggestion to I think @tommy2118 (Whoever is running the stream). Please please please use First Person mode. Watching streams of CS basically requires it to be done in FPS. I think most of it was done in first person, but I remember watching for a bit and you were in third person rotating around and it was killing me haha.

Good job all around though, both to the team and to the streamer. I’m hoping to be around to watch tonights stream as well.


Thanks! I’ll probably be streaming it as well tonight. for AWP point of view.


This was actually a point of discussion at the onset of the stream; there were folks in chat that wanted to experience the 3rd person view in addition to the 1st person view. I’m of the opinion to leave it 1st as well, but we can’t make everyone happy all the time; we’ll continue to toy with it as we continue through the season and see if we can reach a happy balance for the audience or we might just lock it down to one or the other :wink:


Hey @Vocino, @tommy2118, @Auth…since I don’t think I’m playing in the match tonight, if you want another commentator with competitive knowledge, let me know and I’ll join you guys tonight!


@skidoLLaZ, yeah man that’d be cool. I think it’s just going to be me and @tommy2118 so that will work.


I’m actually here tonight, but I will be missing the double-header on Thursday; if you’re not playing then, @skidoLLaZm, it’d be invaluable to have you in the stream :wink:


Sounds good! Let me know the IP to connect to and I’m guessing you chat in mumble?


We generally use an room so we can avoid push-to-talk and have the webcams running so it’s easier to chat with each other. Do you have a webcam by chance?

Pinging @tommy2118: I found my commentator replacement for Thursday’s double-header :wink:


I do have a webcam :slight_smile: I’ll have to get all the info from you later tonight.

I found my commentator replacement for Thursday’s double-header wink

If you are referring to me, I might be playing in matches so I’ll basically have to let you guys know when I’m not playing.