StratsCo vs. Team Erection discussion thread (24 May 2015)



StratsCo to defend our undefeated record… again!

Our own StratsCo team is going up against Team Erection (yes, really) on Sunday, May 24th @ 8:00pm Pacific on de_overpass.

StratsCo is 5-0-0 (1.000)

Team Erection is 2-2-0 (.500)


/cc @gambleR, @energy, @busta, @bLuR_eX, @daywalk, @niluk

Official Strats CounterStrike: Global Offensive Team

I hope the other guys bring some of these ^^^. They are going to need them to keep their name after the impending beat down.


Wooo Team Strats!


There are no brakes on the pain train; Strats will be 6-0-0 in 16-5 or less I bet :wink:


I did not know strats had a cs team!! If yall ever need someone to scrim with or sub hit me up! Plenty of exp.


We actually might be expanding our horizons with 1 more player or so not forsure but we are communicating about it, you should definitely pop in to some scrims, come into mumble on the days we do not have a match and we would love to throw you in.

Thanks for all the support and confidence Strats. really means a lot too see everyone really stoked about us wanting to take this open season undefeated. Hope to see what this next match has in store for us and the rest of the ones we play. Cant wait to play with the community sometime this week or next week in our public server…

(We never lose,
We either learn, or Win)


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THIS one should be bumped. :smile:


We’re just twoooooo days away! -whispers- Bump!


It will feel good crushing some kids named “Team Erection”… oh man. Come on.


Trust, @tommy2118 and I are bringing our best double entendres, puns, and other word play for Sunday night :wink:


i saw erection in the title and came…to check this thread out

anyways, with a pretty neat looking record strats co has compared to team erection, I’d be glad to say that the favor is in strats favor (even though that’s never a good comparison point.)
for sure will spectate, and take this opportunity to learn and have a little fun discussing.


They’re not going to have as much fun as their name implies when @gambleR et al get done with them, unless they’re into that kind of thing :wink:


We’ll have to end the Strats Weekly at a reasonable hour and/or make sure we’re ready to roll right into the game. Would be great to keep the viewership across the programming switch.


TIL we have the Strats Weekly on Sundays :wink:


I’m a dumb.