StratsCo vs. Wired Online discussion thread (18 May 2015)



Our own StratsCo team is going up against Wired Online on Mon, May 18th at 8:30pm on de_overpass.

StratsCo is 4-0-0 (1.000)

Wired Online is 1-2-0 (.333)


/cc @gambleR, @energy, @busta, @daywalk

Strats Twitch Channel
Official Strats CounterStrike: Global Offensive Team

Liking this post because of the Voltron Force.

But voicing my displeasure because the Princess is depicted and not Sven.


Good work! Looks good, well post on the schedule thread when the next schedule time is shown.

Thanks so much


Oh dear…


hahahaha @Vocino


It gonna be 5-0-0 soon.


@gambleR looks like this match will be a nice warm up for bigger and better things.


I was listening in on :strats_blue: @gambleR and :strats_green: @daywalk tearing it up with a PUG in Mumble last night. Keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to 5-0-0 Monday night!


@tommy2118 Rgiht on thanks Tommy, @daywalk and suprisingly have really good teamwork together, and handle business. hes pretty nuts though!




Great match team! 5th overall!


Just watched the replay. Missed it live, but was a great game. I miss the ol CS days. Looks like you guys are doing great. Keep it up!


Boom! Great job!

@Auth is a really good commentator.


That’s one of the reasons I asked him to join. @Auth really knows the game and understands the concepts. I really enjoyed his company as I’m sure the viewer base did. We were so hyped up afterwards that we went into the Strats Server and started to kill bots!


Seriously though, it’s easy-mode when the enemy team is getting rekt :wink:


@tommy2118 no invite? @Auth You should try and commentate every match if possible, it will extract alot more viewers

Thanks for all the support and big thanks to our managers and leaders, for all that they are updating and handling!


rofl, lock this please @Vocino was reading and hit reply instead of cancel