Hey everyone. As you may have noticed, our concurrent players in WildStar have been less than stellar of late (far less than our actual guild population or even active members often times), so I wanted to get something up that explains where we’re at as a guild, what we’re doing moving forward, and provide an open forum for discussion and suggestions. I’m going to cover a ton of topics and information, so apologies in advance for the incoming wall of text. I’ll try to keep it broken down into bite-sized paragraphs to avoid it feeling overly-daunting :wink:

Guild Leadership

As many of you have likely noticed, I’ve not been around overmuch the last couple weeks. Because of this, and a variety of other factors I’ll expound upon shortly, I’ll be stepping down as the Guild Leader shortly. @Diacuss or @GuardianX will be stepping up to fill the role (I don’t think they’ve had their showdown yet to determine a successor).

I started back to college at the end of August and also began working two weeks ago. Combine that with my selection as a community Elder back in July, some volunteer work I’m doing on a semi-regular basis, and having a wife who needs attention and you begin to understand why. I’m not done with WildStar yet. I’m still paid through the end of the year (I’ll be getting more C.R.E.D.D. shortly) and still have aspirations of downing raids, but I don’t personally do well playing the same game for hours upon hours without some variety or perceived personal progress. I’m geared almost completely raid-ready as of now and just need to finish the attunement quest. Of late, I’ve put what game time I’ve been able to squeeze in on Destiny and Minecraft as a result.

Furthermore, as a community Elder, I’m not really supposed to be a guild officer of any sort (community policy). The Elders have a more macro responsibility to the community and it’s not right that we seem to give special attention or micro-management to any specific guild within the community. I only stepped up to fill the role because (at the time) I was able and willing. For the aforementioned reasons, I’m no longer able and despite my desire to see <StratsCo> achieve greatness, I cannot be as directly involved anymore. I’ll still help recruit and come along for dungeons/adventures/other events as I’m able, I just won’t be the proverbial figurehead any longer.

Because of my resignation, there will likely be an officer position or two coming available in the near future. I won’t expand further on this as it will be at the discretion of the new Guild Leader, but it’s something I wanted everyone to know. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, shoot @Diacuss and @GuardianX a message :wink:

Guild Recruitment

Lately, there’s been a bit of a drop-off in recruiting efforts for <StratsCo> for no apparent or particular reason. Our community recruitment post will be going up shortly (once I’m done with this one) along with the usual reddit post. If you group with an unguilded player in WildStar or see someone looking for a recruiting guild, don’t hesitate to invite them into our folds. They need only be 18+ and not a total wanker. The registration on our forums here is not required. As a final act before my responsibilities are handed off, I am going to allow guild invite permissions to all regular members of the guild. This will better enable us to rebuild our population a bit with active members. Once my hat is passed to one of the officers, this may be reversed at their discretion, but it will stick for a few days anyhow :wink:

The Way Ahead

Moving forward, I don’t see WildStar, as a game, tanking the way all the doom-sayers claim. This game isn’t going anywhere for a lot of reasons. No, it’s not perfect; there are absolutely issues, to be sure, but they are not so grave that the entire community (Carbine’s or ours) is going to jump ship as a result. Carbine has taken some great steps to cater to their playerbase and resolve issues and I think the game will be stronger for it. They’re even attending a Town Hall Meeting being put on by one of the larger online communities (shout-out to @Wayward for finding this). @Diacuss and @GuardianX will sort out who from <StratsCo> will be attending (there’s a maximum limit per guild/community).


Thanks to everyone who currently is or previously was involved in <StratsCo>. It was an absolute blast being an Officer and Guild Leader and I can’t wait to stand beside y’all as a member in the near future. If you’ve any questions about anything covered or not by this post, please feel free to ask them here; I will find time to address them all :wink:


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/tears /hug

Good luck in school and life. Sad to hear you’ll be less active but how to see you asking for some runs in the future!