Stratsopolis Megathread

#We are officially open for business!
Following the delays after restarting the server, we are finally ready to get this project started.

The city will be getting built in the Strats Region; the primary mine and resource collection point for the city is the Stripmine Region.

Before we all start going crazy in the new city’s location, I want to get some guidelines posted to ensure everyone is able to do what they want, how they want.

##You need to get your project approved
This isn’t some big committee where we’ll vet your project and make you hold up to a certain standard, but we do want to know what you want to build, who will be helping you, and where you want to build it. It’s more of a formality than anything, but I want to make sure the efforts of the Mining Team aren’t wasted on half-hearted projects. All you need to do is post a thread containing that information following the example. I will then establish an administrative land claim (similar to regular land claims but they won’t cost you any of your claim blocks) for you and your team at the location you want to build to afford you the same grief protection your homes have without costing you any of your personal claim blocks.

Expanding on this…

##Do not place any personal claims in the city
If I or one of the other OPs find a personal claim, we will delete it. If you need adjustments made to your build claim, please update your build’s thread with the details and we’ll work through it.

##Please do not terraform the city area without approval
Many people will be building in this area and the spot you decide to flatten might be the perfect hill for someone else. Try to find a spot that is as close to ideal as possible. Once you have a building claim you are allowed to make modifications to the area to suit your needs.

##Mining in the city area
If you find yourself in need of something unavailable to you from the Stripmine Region, you are welcome to mine below ground. Please remember that everything gathered in the Stripmine Region and the Strats Region is intended for the use of the community to better the city.

You are welcome to contribute your own materials and resources to build the city; you are not allowed to take from the designated community regions for your personal builds.

#Strats Region
Here are a few screenshots of the surrounding area to get those ideas flowing and to document some solid before and after comparisons in the future :wink:

Giant ocean right next to the Strats Region Beacon

It was requested that we have an area with lots of rivers.

A large, shallow, inland lake that coinnects to the ocean via rivers; there are several smaller ones in the area as well.

There’s plenty of flat ground to choose from and a village we can use to populate the city with more inhabitants and trade with (I took the liberty of trapping the villagers in their homes so they might survive until we started construction ;))

A couple of nearby mountain ranges for vertical builds

#Build Threads
As people begin putting up their build threads and they get approved, I’ll like them all here to make them easier to find.

#Wrapping up
I’m super-stoked to see what everyone comes up with to build and to work on these projects with everyone; let’s do this people :wink:

Auth (Ninja_Ducky)


Sorry, whats the deal here? Do we tell you what we want to build, get it approved then build it or what?

More or less. It’s a way for me to keep track of who’s building what where, essentially. It also gives a place for the build teams to discuss ideas and have other users provide feedback. There’s an example build thread up that shows what information it needs to contain :wink:

I moved a post to a new topic: Strats Public Library

Where is everyone?? people talked for weeks about building grand structures and shops and now that its been live for over a week the only thing that has been built is the awesome Strats flag that @Auth built. I have busted my ass mining for hours on end to gather supplies and maybe 1 person has came out and got supplies. Its very disheartening to put in so much work to see it not being used.

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There are a few builds underway and more that are planned; I know some folks are more interested in wrapping their personal builds up at the moment before embarking on a large-scale build for fear of never having their house wrapped. I still live in the side of a mountain because I just don’t have 8+ hours a day every day to play; there will be more done eventually; you can’t rush it :wink:

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“Rome wasn’t built in a day” would apply here. Even if it is ridiculously literal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In regards to stone/cobblestone/etc; Can I just donate cobblestone or does it have to be smelted to stone?

you can donate whatever you like! donation chests are set up at the deadzone region post and will be transferred to the mine site. Thank you in advance for your donations!!