Stratsopolis World Wonders


#World Wonders

Team Hobocandy, and myself are planning on building 1-1 scale Notre Dame, Chambord Castle, The Great Library, and some Ancient style shops.

##Team Hobocandy

  • Zontago
  • Kitty
  • Djspectre
  • Primantine

##Requested Location and Size
I need an area thats hilly/flat that is preferably near a river. I like plains and forest biomes. If I’m going to build the great lighthouse I need to be near the coast. The great library will be about 200 x 200 on the coast. Everything else will be about 900x400

I request if you build near me I would like it if you built historical.

Stratsopolis Megathread

Claim corners are as follows:
10750 10080
10950 10080
10950 10280
10750 10280