Stratswatch Mystery Hero Mondays - July 23



Had a blast with @Diacuss this week, so I figured we should do it again and maybe drag a few more of you in on the fun. We started off pretty darn hot and got six wins quick before hitting the proverbial wall of losses, yet still had some excellent times. Plus… there was the boop of all boops - if you weren’t there, you missed it!

Jump in Discord and we’ll get a queue going for 6v6 Mystery Heroes in order to have some casual fun and get sweet sweet loot!

About Mystery Heroes

In Mystery Heroes, players cannot select their own hero.

  • The “Assemble Your Team” section is skipped upon starting a game.

  • Players will be assigned a random hero upon entering a game and every time they respawn, with their ultimate meter being reset. A player cannot respawn as the same hero they were when they died.

  • An exception to this is when a player kills themselves. They will respawn as the same hero, but any buildable objects on the map will disappear and their ultimate meter will still be reset.

  • Because of the randomly-assigned hero mechanic, hero stacking is allowed.

Otherwise, Mystery Heroes matches play identically to standard Quick Play matches; it means other rules and objectives of the game follows the map in play.


Looking forward to it.


Good times @lyteforce, @Diacuss, @bonus. Thanks for having me (sorry for being late)