Stratswatch Mystery Hero Mondays



I had so much fun and grabbed so many loot boxes, that I think it should be a regular thing. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join right away since it’s early for my west coast game time but I thought it would be better to start the event without me.

Jump in Discord and we’ll get a queue going for 6v6 Mystery Heroes in order to have some casual fun and get sweet sweet loot!

About Mystery Heroes

In Mystery Heroes, players cannot select their own hero.

  • The “Assemble Your Team” section is skipped upon starting a game.

  • Players will be assigned a random hero upon entering a game and every time they respawn, with their ultimate meter being reset. A player cannot respawn as the same hero they were when they died.

  • An exception to this is when a player kills themselves. They will respawn as the same hero, but any buildable objects on the map will disappear and their ultimate meter will still be reset.

  • Because of the randomly-assigned hero mechanic, hero stacking is allowed.

Otherwise, Mystery Heroes matches play identically to standard Quick Play matches; it means other rules and objectives of the game follows the map in play.



Sounds fun. Have a raid that night as well but i’ll definitely come when it’s over.


Mystery Heroes Terminology

  • Catapult - to throw ult out there because you are about to die. Usually not very helpful.
    Examples of catapulting:

    • Ohno Boost - Nano Boosting a less than ideal teammate. Often Mercy.

    • McCree’s High Nope - starting Deadeye even though you’re being shot at.

    • Zarya’s Graviton Purge - usually a solo grav while at 0 charge.

    • Pharah’s Fuckit Barrage - when you’re about to die and you just say “Fuck it!”

  • Faulted - died with your ult

  • Dubult - a second ult on the same hero.

  • Tripult - a third ult on the same hero.

  • Wreck-It Rally - drawing one of your mains, dominating and leading a comeback.

  • Premature Eradication - dying immediately after drawing one of your mains.

  • Performance Anxiety - the pressure one feels when they draw Bastion.

  • Lastion - a Bastion drawn at the end of a match that leads to victory, often by the team that was losing.

  • Unpharah - When the other team has at least one more Pharah than your team.

  • Torbjored - the boredom one feels when you’re stuck being Torbjorn for a long time because the other team can’t counter you. Usually on console.

  • Widowfaker - someone who plays Widowmaker as a sniper even though they should really just use the SMG.

  • Hanamura Shuffle - repeatedly running back into spawn to heal while defending point B because you don’t have a healer. Known elsewhere as the Anubis Two Step and the (now defunct) Horizon Moon Bounce.


Hahah… i like these terminologies…


Oh gosh… I am sorry I missed this. Mystery Heroes is my jam!


Let’s do it this Monday!


I’m in!


yeah i’m game also just ping me when you get started.