Stratswatch: Overwatch Team Quick Play



Team Up for Special Attack!

Let’s get together and group queue some Overwatch games.

How do


Let’s be flexible for roles but if you really have a primary/secondary hero, comment and we can start to build out some comps.

  • @Vocino - Reinhardt, Bridgitte, Torb


A shame… my raid night is Wednesday. Would love to play with y’all. If you guys are still going when i’m done maybe i join y’all after. I don’t have a character i’m good at but i mostly play random so yeah.


Why doesn’t the event function use local time?


It should actually.


I think it goes with the time zone of whomever posts it, perhaps? It shows PDT for me too.

I might be around for this; I play Roadhog and D.Va and pretend to play a bunch of other heroes :wink:


@Diacuss, @Auth, and I had a ton of fun while grabbing 5-6 loot boxes. Shout out to Hyrule on Discord for telling us how awesome Mystery Heroes was!


AI must’ve fixed it, Showing Eastern for me now.


Yup, I see CDT now.